Welcome to Bloom Hosting, the friendly and easy to understand hosting service.


Rather than attempting to baffle and confuse you into buying more than you might need, we instead strip back all the confusing options to give you our 'One Size Fits All' hosting package.


This package is perfect for 99% of our customers (the ones who aren't after technical complexities and bandwidth hogging activities).


Our 'One Size Fits All' hosting package includes:


1GB server space

This is more than most websites will ever need!


And unless your site provides hours worth of online video or huge downloads, you should never need worry about hitting this limit.


Unlimited bandwidth

Has anyone really got a clue how much bandwidth their website would use, or could expect to use should your traffic spike? Of course not!


Hence when we looked to make buying a hosting package easy, this was the first restriction to go.


Obviously, we do have to apply a fair use policy in principle, just incase someone abuses the system and puts our servers operation at risk. But we've never had to put this policy into practice yet.


20 free email accounts

We will set you up with up to 20 standard POP3 email boxes (these are the standard for email systems).


You can call these email accounts anything you like, be it maurinne@yourdomain.com, bob@yourdomain.com or iliketodrinkteaupsidedown@yourdomain.com!


These are free email accounts so the online storage space isn't huge (50MB or 500 emails, whichever limit is reached first), but we have found that it is suitable for most of our customers sending and receiving emails from one location. As all the emails are stored on your computer, you don't need lots of online storage space, just enough to hold them till you access and download.


We do offer separate Advanced email accounts (£30 per year), which provide a large 1GB storage or 5000 emails (whichever limit is reached first) and roaming SMTP settings which allow you to send via your own server instead of using your broadband suppliers SMTP settings (which is good for people who use email on their laptop in different locations).


If you are unsure, click here to find an easy guide to wether or not you would need an Advanced email account. If you are still unsure you can always start with the free email account at no cost and upgrade at a later date if needed.


A .com or .co.uk domain name of your choice

So that people can find you on the internet, you'll need a catchy domain name for your website.


As part of the hosting package, a .com or .co.uk domain name is provided. Just let us know what name you'd like and we'll see if it's available for you.


£100 per year


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